Building Surveys for Assessing Building Defects

Building Surveys for Assessing Building Defects

Cracking, damp patches, mould growth, springy floors - building defects manifest themselves in many ways.  Most buildings will display evidence of defects at some time or another, especially in older properties; but only a trained eye can assess the potential causes and likely implications with a degree of certainty.  Left unattended, some innocent looking defects can have more serious and potentially expensive underlying problems.

A Building defects Survey provides advice on specific building elements (roof, walls or floors) or on a particular defect, such as subsidence, damp or timber defects.  The survey can be tailored to address specific concerns or can provide an overall condition of a building / site; and is often used as a precursor to developing a planned maintenance schedule.

The Survey contains technical information on the construction and structure of the property.  Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors are skilled in assessing and diagnosing building defects. We can identify defects and comment on their significance, as well as assess the potential of future problems occurring and provide recommendations for remedial or preventative works.  Our surveys are of necessity non-intrusive; therefore where the extent of a defect cannot be determined or seen, our report may suggest that further investigation works or exploratory works are required.

Where our investigations show remedial works are required we are also able to prepare a specification of works and arrange for the repairs to be undertaken by an Approved Contractor.
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