Planned Maintenance Schedules

Planned Maintenance Schedules

Planned maintenance is a proactive approach to looking after your premises. Rather than just reacting to problems as they occur, planned maintenance will help keep your premises in good order, ensure you satisfy legal obligations, preserve the value of your property and minimise expensive breakdowns and repairs.  It will enable better financial planning and minimise the cost of emergency maintenance and call out fees (reduced waste).

As part of the maintenance schedule, we are able to assess the condition of the building, identify what repairs are required and work with you to draw up a prioritised schedule.

If you have a lease we will review it to understand the repairing responsibilities you have retained so that there should not be a nasty shock at the end of the term. We will consider all elements of the building – the roof, the exterior walls, drains, doors, windows and building services such as heating and lighting systems.

We will also be able to provide you with approximate estimates for the cost of required works, as part of the planned maintenance schedule. Your maintenance costs will entirely depend on the type and condition of your building, but will fall into three types:

1.    Urgent / Emergency Works – identifying health and safety items which require urgent attention
2.    Regular Maintenance – this includes all maintenance needed to ensure you meet statutory requirements; for example contracts for fire    alarm testing and communal boiler maintenance. 
3.    Improvements and major works – cyclical repairs and redecorations / roof renewal

If you can keep track of your costs in this way you can see where your biggest spends are and then look to reduce them where possible.

How you plan your maintenance will affect your budgeting. For example you might plan ahead by putting money into a sinking fund.

Where the building is tenanted, you will need to refer to your maintenance budget when setting and administering service charges. It is vital that you keep detailed records of your spending so that you can manage service charges effectively; and this is where Salter Rex can help.  
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