Planning Applications & Building Regulations

Planning Applications & Building Regulations Approval

Obtaining Planning Permission

Planning permission is generally required for many new building projects, significant alterations to commercial premises or changing the type of business carried out at your commercial premises. Internal alterations and small external changes (such as putting up a low fence) do not normally require planning consent, though there are more stringent rules for listed buildings and in conservation areas.

If you are unsure whether you need planning approval, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

To apply for planning permission, you will have to send a planning application form, along with elevation and floor plans (and possibly a Design and Access Statement); as well as a fee to your local authority. We can assist you in this process, by advising you and preparing all necessary documentation on your behalf.  The planning application will be considered against local planning policies and any objections received from the public.

Planning approval may be granted outright, conditions may be applied (such as restricting the hours of use of business premises) or a planning application may be rejected. You can negotiate minor objections, submit a new application taking into account concerns raised by the local authority or appeal a decision that goes against you.

Carrying out a building project without planning permission can be disastrous. Although you may be able to apply for retrospective planning approval, you could face refusal and a requirement to demolish unapproved premises or cease activities that are not permitted.

Obtaining Building Regulations Approval

If you are considering constructing a new building, extension or undertaking alterations, Building Control is the Council service that will assist you with your responsibility to comply with building regulations.

You can get informal advice from your local authority on whether building control approval is required for your development. If it is, we can assist you in making an application and will advise you on the fee payable for the proposed works.  The local authority can approve, reject or impose conditions on the project. In addition, the building works will be regularly visited by an inspector to ensure that they are properly carried out. We use a firm of Approved Inspectors, rather than the Council, in order to minimise costs and improve efficiency.  

As with planning permission, going ahead without building approval can be very risky. You could face an order to demolish unsafe alterations or experience problems selling the premises, for example.

Obtaining building regulation approval is a legal requirement, which is separate from planning permission. Both seek to produce similar outcomes with respect to the quality of building work, however they are two different types of approval. You will be required to produce copies of approvals if you are selling a property. Salter Rex can assist in the process of obtaining planning permission and building regulations approval.  
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